Many of the services we require have wait lists that are measured in years. myHana provides us with the ability to learn while we are waiting, and in some instances even find alternatives that are available when we need them. 


“Having myHana as a trusted guide has been a godsend for our family, at times where we thought we had no where else to turn, myHana often found us a path forward.”


"Time is money and wasted time is frustration. myHana gives me the opportunity to learn what I need, when I have the time to learn it, and through a medium that is easy and efficient to use."

Wait lists for some of the services we may qualify for can often be years long. The myHana platform can often help us find alternatives or teach us to do some of the work ourselves. 

Cutting through all of the noise, the advertisements, and the misleading information on the Internet takes hours and hours of frustrating and time-consuming work. myHana provides us with access to the trusted information and knowledge we want, in a time frame and through a format that is efficient and effective. 

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