Whenever we receive an unexpected diagnosis of disability of a loved one, we go through various stages of grief, anger, denial and, ultimately, acceptance.​

We all go through these stages on our own timeline but whenever we reach acceptance, we jump in to get as much information as possible about this new condition so that we can provide the best possible care.​

No matter the stage of the journey we are in, myHana's top notch curriculum can help. Developed by myHana faculty (all of whom are also caregivers) and other experts, the myHana curriculum is designed to educate caregivers about various aspects of the condition and provide best practices for caregiving throughout the lifespan. Whether you're seeking information about toilet training, behavior, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), employment opportunities, special needs trusts, government benefits or more, look to the myHana curriculum as your first resource for trusted information. 


“Just the IEP curriculum alone saved me over $1,000, plus a great deal of time and headaches in understanding what to do and how to get it done.” 

Webinars & Workshops

​"I like to learn about new topics on my own time schedule, without pressure to attend a live event. I know that if I have follow-up questions, I can contact the myHana faculty and they will get answers for me or put me in touch with someone who can answer my questions." 

myHana members have access to a robust library of curricula which are sorted by ages and topics.​ Subjects cover the most sought after topics and information requested by caregivers, and the myHana faculty is constantly adding new content to the curricula and resources based on feedback from myHana members. 

​Whether we are at the beginning of a caregiving journey, or nearing the end of our tenure and wish to ensure the smooth transition of care, myHana helps us every stage of the way.

myHana provides workshops and webinars on many of the most important aspects of caregiving. Featuring well-respected professionals, many of whom are themselves caregivers, the webinars and workshops provide a deep dive into certain topics with accompanying written materials to help you learn the content and stay organized.

Latest Research and News 

"Even as a family sharing the work, we do not have time to continually stay abreast of best practices, policies, or new innovations. It is a huge benefit to us to be alerted when something comes along that might impact us."

The myHana faculty is constantly monitoring advances in science, medicine, and policy as they relate to caregiving and specific conditions covered by myHana. They regularly share this information with the myHana community to keep everyone up-to-date.

Many of us (as members of the myHana platform) consider ourselves to be some of the most experienced caregivers in the world, and we are delighted when we help others. Even though we have interacted with numerous professionals in the education, medical, therapy, and other fields, there is no replacement for doing the constant work that a caregiver does. Content generated by our peers can often be some of the most powerful information that can be shared and received. 

Member Generated Content

“Sometimes, just a friendly piece of advice from someone who has been where I am is all I need to get through a difficult time.”

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