myHana™ Caregiving Drive

Our unique myHana Caregiving Drive has been designed to allow us to manage everything and everyone involved on a single platform. Whether seamless document storage and sharing, task management and scheduling, or one-to-one or one-to-many communications, the myHana Caregiving Drive brings levels of efficiency and effectiveness in care management that we have not had access to before. 

Document Storage

"myHana’s unique Caregiving Drive allows us to easily upload, organize, store, and share all of these documents in a format that makes sense"

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate

"When comorbidities are involved, there can be over 30 professionals responsible for an aspect of care, having the ability to have them all on a single communication, collaboration, sand sharing platform is priceless "

The amount of documents we as caregivers have to manage and keep organized is dizzying.

When those we care for are young, we have medical reports, neuropsychological evaluations, speech assessments, Individualized Education Programs, behavior intervention plans and so much more. 

As we enter transition age and adulthood, we add things like transition plans, eligibility applications and re-certifications for public benefits, job skills assessments, health insurance forms, more medical files, and the list goes on and on. 

It is so stressful and overwhelming to keep these documents organized and accessible. While some of us use elaborate color-coded binders or extensively labeled files, many of us just manage by amassing these files in boxes or big piles and digging through them when we need something. This is inefficient and adds even more stress to our lives. 

The myHana Caregiving Drive gives us the ability to put every person involved with our care protocols on one communication platform. We can create teams of doctors, family members, teachers, service providers, or any other kind of team we wish, allowing us to easily share important documents, notify, alert, and communicate with a single team member or all of them at once. 

​We create our teams by inviting people to join us in the appropriate teams we set up (we help with this during the onboarding process). There is no charge for being a team member, but team members will not have access to the rest of myHana content unless they become myHana subscribers. 


"Having a scheduling tool that everyone involved has access to makes setting appointments so much easier, but the ability to then share the results with the care team is invaluable"

Given the frenetic lifestyle that often accompanies caregiving, scheduling appointments can often be a difficult tasks, especially when multiple people have to be involved and or alerted, and results have to be shared with numerous care team members. 

​The myHana Caregiving Drive allows us to seamlessly schedule and keep track of appointments, alert others who may also need to attend, and quickly and effectively share the results with other team members who need to be kept in the loop. 

Keeping track of all the tasks required to provide the best care possible, with the best outcomes possible, often seems overwhelming. The myHana Caregiving Drive provides us with the ability to set, assign, and track tasks with whomever on the care team is appropriate. 

Task Management

"No more Post It notes, digging for pieces of paper in a drawer, or forgetting to tell someone who needs to know, we now have everything in one place, so that we can set the task, share it, assign it, track it, and share the results."

The myHana Caregiving Drive is hosted in the HIPAA Compliant AWS Cloud, hence it is as secure as it possibly can be, and accessible from anywhere. The information, data, documents, and contacts you upload are only accessible by you, and any other person you designate. 

Safe, Secure, and Forever

"We no longer lose sleep over our ability to hand over the care protocols we have in place and that work for our loved one. There will come a time when we are unable to provide the levels of care we currently do. At that time, someone else can step into our shoes and everything of importance will be at their fingertips" 

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