The average caregiver spends over $7,000 in out-of-pocket expenses each year. The financial stress that many of us are under can be overwhelming, and there are times when we simply cannot afford what we know to be the best option. 

myHana helps us save money, time, and frustration because it democratizes the costs of, and our access to, many of the services and products we need but find difficult to afford. 


"I was quoted in excess of $6,000 to set up what I needed to ensure an independent future for my child. By using the discounts negotiated by the myHana team, I paid $1800"


"Once I really became familiar with how to use myHana, I found myself saving hours per week”

We are all aware of the costs involved with providing the best care we can, they are often so crippling that our ability to ensure the best outcomes possible for the person we are caring for becomes almost impossible. 

​myHanaTM members not only save money by being better educated on things such as IEP's, getting the state and federal services they qualify for, and learning about the best deals from their peers, they also save because the myHanaTM platform negotiates material savings on many of the services and products we need. 

Saving time is almost as important as saving money as it also reduces our stress levels, and increases our ability to provide the best care we can. Because the myHanaTM Caregiver Drive gives us the ability to have everything we need on one platform, and because we can learn, share, and save in one place, the time we save is incredible. 


“I will be of zero use to the person I care for if I myself am not healthy”

Statistics show that over 60% of caregivers are under so much financial, educational, emotional, and communal stress that they themselves are designated as “at risk” by healthcare professionals. So much for “the healthier we are, the better the outcomes for those we care for”. 

The myHanaTM provides us with the knowledge, information, tools, and contacts we need to save ourselves so that we can be the healthiest version of ourselves, so that we can provide the best care that we can and deliver the best outcomes. 

The myHanaTM platform provides almost as much for us as it does for those we care for.

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