The myHana Caregiving Drive has been designed to allow us to share everything we need to with anyone involved in the care protocols that we have set up. From a single platform, we can share anything we need to with family members, medical professionals, teachers, therapists, and anyone else involved in helping provide the care required to achieve the best outcomes for our loved ones. We can also share our thoughts, ideas, frustrations, and breakthroughs with other members of the myHana community. 


“My daughter’s mother and I are divorced, so having everything and everyone involved in the care of our child in one place has made our lives so much easier. The ability to easily store and share documents, and to communicate with others on our daughter's care team is amazing!”


"When comorbidities are involved, there can be over 30 professionals responsible for an aspect of care, so having the ability to have them all on a single communication, collaboration, and sharing platform is priceless."

When care is required it often becomes a family affair. However, in cases of divorce, or when family members are scattered across a state or even the country, the ability to efficiently and effectively keep everyone in the loop can be extremely difficult. 

​myHana has been developed to allow us to instantaneously share appropriate information with all of our family members. Whether for grandparents helping with tasks, appointments, and school carpooling, or for ex-spouses and/or guardians needing to receive real-time information, using the myHana platform provides us with the ability to accommodate everyone. 

The myHana Caregiving Drive gives us the ability to put all the professionals involved with our care protocols on one communication platform. We can create teams of doctors, family members, teachers, service providers, or any other kind of team we wish, allowing us to easily share important documents, notify, alert, and communicate with a single team member or all of them at once.

The myHana™ Community 

"Being able to learn from others who have walked a mile in my shoes is totally invaluable. There is a sense of camaraderie and connection between caregivers that is hard to find elsewhere."

53,000,000 Americans provide some level of unpaid care to family members or friends that require help. Even though the level of care and the conditions we care for differ, what is common is that we are a forgotten cohort of people trying our best to do the overwhelming task of caregiving.

​myHana brings us together in a way that allows to connect and share our experiences about what works and what does not work. Many of us have decades of experience in caregiving that we are happy and willing to share with our peers. 

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