myHana® is your caregiving companion: a revolutionary, all-in-one caregiving collective with easy-to-use tools, community, and resources that will make your caregiving journey easier to navigate and manage; giving you confidence every step of the way. 



Confidence in

Confidence in

Whether you're coping with a new diagnosis, navigating the complexities of caregiving, or planning for the future, myHana® is here to help. We understand the unique challenges and obstacles that caregivers face on a daily basis - we’ve created a place for you to ...

Created by caregivers, for caregivers.

Build Confidence.

Caregiving is a journey. Let us provide you with a roadmap.



Care Management

Coordinate and collaborate simply and securely with providers, care team members, family, and friends. Share information, view medication schedules, track appointments, and manage a multitude of other responsibilities within one, HIPAA compliant space. Feel confident in handing off care from one caregiver to another. Hassle-free, seamless, secure - accessible anytime, anywhere. 

Document Storage

Organize your caregiving journey by filing mountains of paperwork and other relevant documents away within a secure, HIPAA compliant online data storage system designed for users to store, manage, and share volumes of essential documents and multimedia files (audio clips, video files, and more). Securely access and share files on the go from any device, in any location. 

coming soon

coming soon

Gain confidence in our ever-growing myHana® Knowledge Hub that boasts an extensive collection of carefully curated education and information to help you navigate the various aspects of caregiving. From diagnosis and transition, to IEPs, waivers, financial planning, advocacy, and more - everything you need, all in one place. Your one-stop-shop for up-to-date, relevant knowledge and expertise, with clear and concise explanations of complex topics, brought to you by experienced professionals and leaders within the disability community. 

Join the myHana® Community of caregivers who truly understand the complexities of caregiving. Participate in online discussions, receive essential self-care resources, access stress-management tools, and attend virtual meetups to share experiences, seek advice, and form lasting friendships. Let our supportive community of peers, moderated by professionals, be your companion along your journey. Nobody should face caregiving alone. 

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Thriving in your caregiving journey starts with trust. 

Introducing MyHana's Team of advisors and faculty

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Caregiving tools
Caregiving community
Caregiving resources
Caregiving support
Online caregiver support
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Virtual caregiver meetups
Caregiving education
Disability resources
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Disability financial planning
Disability advocacy
Online document storage for caregivers
HIPAA compliant document storage
Caregiver collaboration platform
Medication schedule management
Caregiver appointment tracking
Care coordination platform
Down syndrome caregiving support
Autism caregiving support
Intellectual and developmental disabilities support
Caregiver community for Down syndrome and Autism

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With over 53 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S. alone, the need for caregiver support has never been greater. Join myHana® today and let us help you thrive throughout your caregiving journey while providing the highest quality care to your loved ones.

Together, we'll make a difference in the lives of those who matter most.

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Unlimited communications and hundreds of topics to explore.  No credit card needed.
Rest assured that myHana® will never sell your data. myHana® Essentials is always FREE.


Discover a warm, welcoming community of caregiving peers at the myHana® Community. Designed with you in mind, our platform offers a safe space to connect, share, and grow together, free from the distractions and noise of public social media.


Begin your educational journey with the myHana® Knowledge Hub, your guide to empowerment and support at every stage. Our thoughtfully compiled and organized content offers valuable insights and knowledge, equipping you to navigate the unique challenges of caregiving with confidence.

Education Plus

Elevate your caregiving experience with myHana® Knowledge Plus, a comprehensive learning hub designed to provide you with extensive resources, personalized support, and exclusive access to a wealth of knowledge from experts.

Document Storage

Experience peace of mind with myHana® Document Storage, your go-to for managing care-related files and documents. Accessible from any device and location, our fully HIPAA-compliant platform simplifies organization, storage, and sharing while keeping your information safe.

Care Management

Seamlessly manage your caregiving tasks, appointments, and goals with myHana® Care Management. Designed for organization and control, we keep you connected with your caregiving team, accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.

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Learn More

Learn More

Learn More

Learn More



✓ Genuine Connections: Build meaningful relationships with fellow caregivers who understand your journey, providing empathy, support, and encouragement.

✓ Professional Guidance: Our expert myHana® professionals and moderators are always on hand to offer insights, advice, and resources tailored to your unique caregiving needs.

✓ Privacy and Security: Enjoy a secure, private environment where you can openly discuss your challenges, triumphs, and everything in between without concern.

✓ A Wealth of Knowledge: Learn from others' experiences, share your own, and explore a vast repository of curated information, resources, and attend virtual meetups to help you become a better caregiver.


✓ Essential Resources: Access a selection of our high-quality content and resources for free, offering valuable insights into key caregiving topics.

✓ Expertly Curated: Our team of experienced professionals handpick and organize the highest-quality content, ensuring reliability and relevance to your caregiving needs.

✓  Easy-to-Navigate: Quickly find the information you're looking for with our intuitive, user-friendly organization and presentation.

✓ Regular Updates: Stay informed with regular updates on new content, articles, and resources.


✓ Exclusive Access: Enjoy unlimited access to our complete collection of premium resources, articles, webinars, and interactive guides.

✓ Personalized Support: Connect with experts and fellow caregivers through our exclusive forums and live Q&A sessions.

✓  Holistic Approach: Dive into our multidisciplinary content, covering diverse aspects of caregiving such as emotional well-being, self-care, and practical skills, fostering a well-rounded caregiving experience.

✓ Priority Updates: Stay ahead with priority access to new content and resources, ensuring you're always informed and prepared.

education plus

✓ Secure Storage: Safeguard your important care-related documents with our robust, HIPAA-compliant storage system, designed to keep your information protected and confidential.

✓ Ultimate Convenience: Access your files from any device, at any time, ensuring the critical information you need is always at your fingertips.

✓  Effortless Organization: Easily categorize, manage, and locate your documents, streamlining the care management process and saving you valuable time.

✓ Seamless Sharing: Collaborate with care team members and professionals, securely sharing vital documents with ease and efficiency.

document storage

✓ Streamlined Organization: Keep track of important tasks, appointments, and goals, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

✓ Unified Team Management: Collaborate and communicate with your caregiving partners, supporters, and providers in one centralized location.

✓ Ultimate Convenience: Access and manage your care coordination from any device, providing flexibility and ease of use.

✓ Efficient Time Management: Spend less time juggling tasks and more time focusing on what truly matters: providing the best care possible.

care management

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At the present, myHana® is dedicated to offering resources and assistance to families and caregivers caring for a loved one  with Down syndrome and/or Autism. However, as myHana® evolves, we are committed to broadening our scope to include other intellectual and developmental disabilities, and conditions. Keep an eye out for further developments in our support offerings.

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Get ready to revolutionize your caregiving journey! As an all-in-one caregiving collective, myHana® provides you with easy-to-use tools, a supportive community, and a wealth of resources, all designed to make your caregiving experience more manageable and empowering.

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